Used Glycolic Acid Peel and Have Red Raised Splotches; Are They Burns?

I bought a 35%glycolic 45% lactic acid peel to use at home. I used it a year ago,being cautious left in on for only 30 secs.My skin was exfoliated & smooth. used it again 2wks ago and left it on for 2mins... was a bit of stinging but no redness etc afterwards. Last night I applied it for 3mins & I have red raised irritated patches on my inner cheeks beside my nose and on the sides of my nostrils. Are these burns or a normal side effect. I am 34 and have a good fine skin. Is 2 wks apart 2 soon ?

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At Home Peel

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You have to be very careful applying medical strength chemical peels at home. It sounds as if you have "burned" your skin by leaving the peel on for too long and peeling your skin to closely. I would advise you to contact o board certified dermatologist in your are to evaluate your skin and provide treatment reccomendations. In in interim you may use a topcial steroid like hydrocortisone ointment, aquaphor, and sunscreen. My concern would be preventing and permanent dyspigmentation from the peel and burning.

Boca Raton Dermatologic Surgeon

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