Is Glycolic Acid 20 Percent Cream Safe for Me?

i am 22 years old and im using glycolic acid cream 20%, i used it morning and night, as what my derma had told me. i used retinoin acid cream for two weeks and after that my doctor added the glycolic 20% after applying the retinoin (still using retinoin). what worries me is that my skin is dry and peeling mostly on my chin and somewhat red. light dark color appear on my chin (something like burn). my doctor gave me a moisturizer and sunscreen after applying the cream.this is my 5th day using it.

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Recommendations for Use of Glycolic Cream

If you are using some type of RetinA (tretinoin) or retinol cream in combination with a glycolic cream, it is very likely that your skin will become irritated.  While tretinoin and glycolic are very good for targeting different skin problems like acne, pores, photodamage and fine lines, they are both individually and especially in combination drying. Based on your description of red and peeling skin, it sounds like your skin is getting irritated and you need to decrease the frequency of both, and focus more on using your moisturizer and sunscreen, especially until your skin heals. 

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