Gluteal Reshaping How is It Done? (photo)

my butt is square nd i had the bbl done how can i get a gluteal reshaping done

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Gluteal Contouring......

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The best way to shape your buttocks would be liposuction around your buttocks..... your flanks and lateral thighs..... and the inferior/medial part of your buttocks cheeks themselves.  Sometimes I remove a small amount of skin along this area too, to round out the buttocks cheeks medially.  The scar is well hidden between the cheeks.

Gluteal Reshaping

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I am not quite clear what your question is.  And, it would be helpful to see before and after pictures.  However, if you want more shaping, then liposuction above and around your buttocks may be useful.  


Good Luck.

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You need a good remodeling of corporal contour, to withdraw the fat of the high back, back it goes down and of the abdomen, to reduce drastically the waist; uses part of this fat, of way seriada, in the shape of channels, if this way you want it to increase, to project and to give him better contour to the buttocks.

Franklin De Jesus, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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