How do I make my eyes even? (Photo)

I have noticed that over the years, my left eye has gone bigger and has its own set double lid crease, but for my right eye, it has many different creasings and in pictures they look SO uneven. I have tried using eyelid tape and eyelid glue but it makes my crease even but not my eyes. Are there any other ways to make my eyes even without surgery?

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How do I make my eyes even?

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Eye asymmetry has to do with different factors including eyelid asymmetry, eyeball asymmetry, and eye socket asymmetry. See an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation. At first glance, your left lower eyelid is retracted but there may be other factors. See following video too.

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Thoughtful upper eyelid surgery will be the answer for you.

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You need to find a surgeon who really understands Asian eyelids and can help you achieve you goals.  You have profound compensatory eyebrow elevation due to the fact that the upper eyelid skin rests on the eyelashes.

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