Are there patients that get treatment done who might have personal mental issues with their image?

I am getting my 2nd syringe of boletero in a month for under the eyes.. but a part of me thinks that I will never be satisfied with the results. I get down about now being young anymore, and upset with the changes in my face in just one year. I am only 41, and no-one has this issue yet....

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Cosmetic procedures and mental health

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Your poor expectations is a 'bad formula' for both you and the physician who will be doing the procedure since you state you "will never be satisfied with the results". 

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Dr H Karamanoukian
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Sure there are patients who ask for cosmetic treatment who have psychological issues. In general if you feel like you may have significant issues it is better to have psychological counseling and treatment and forgo cosmetic enhancement. 

Mental Health and Cosmetic Issues

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There are many people who have mental health issues and self esteem or body dysmorphia. I would recommend consulting with an honest experienced board certified dermatologist who has experience with cosmetic dermatology to discuss realistic goals that can be achieved.  Best, Dr. Green

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Self image and plastic surgery treatments

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Any plastic surgeon will tell you that there are definitely patients who have a distorted view of themselves and may never be satisfied with a treatment.  I see many young, beautiful people who perceive some problem with their appearance that no one else would notice. They can become fixated on the issue and feel that if they can just get this one problem fixed they'll be more pretty and thus more people with accept them. This is a slippery slope that leads some people to seek treatment after treatment, never satisfied with the outcome because it didn't bring them the happiness they expected.  Having realistic expectations of what plastic surgery can do for you is key.  

Matheson A. Harris, MD
Salt Lake City Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Mental Issues and Cosmetic Surgery

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There are many people that have unrealistic expectations about treatment or who over do it based on some abnormal view of themselves. that doesn't mean you are that person.  However, talking to someone about it wouldn't hurt.  I suggest seeing an expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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