I have a cartilage or bone sticking out of my left nostril, and I am not sure what that is but it hurts?

I got rhinoplasty done 5 years ago and for the past couple days I noticed something is poking out of my skin in my left nostril. I thought it was a scab or some form of a zit.I realized its either my bone or cartilage that is sticking out poking and hurting and now my left nostril is clogged and now i feel like i constantly am sniffling.

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Cartilage or Bone Visible in Left Nostril

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Unfortunately it is impossible for me to clarify what your observing or offer any suggestions without examining your nose. Consult with your previous surgeon or a rhinoplasty specialist. If possible, it would be helpful to have your operative report if you do not see your primary surgeon.

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Nostril obstruction

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Are you able to include a photo? That would be helpful to give you a better idea what may be going on. That being said, it is possible that some cartilage or implant used during your previous surgery has extruded into your nostril. There may also be an infection causing this process to occur. If possible, you should see your surgeon so an exam can be performed.

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