Do I need more filler? (Photo)

I had boletero in cheeks and supposedly under eyes on 10/14..would I benefit with more filler? like restalyne with another doctor- I dont trust my previous doctor..she keeps saying "it looks good" when she didnt know how to place it in the 1st place...

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Belotero under eyes

I do not use Belotero for cheek augmentation as this filler is not suited to be a volumizer. It is best used around the eyes and mouth and to fill in lines. Your tear trough area looks appropriately filled in this photo. We would need to see the eyelid/cheek junction and cheek area to determine if more filler is needed.

Dr. Ahdout

Beverly Hills Dermatologist
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Filler under Eyes

From your photo it is difficult to assess where you might need filler.  Belotero is a great product for under the eyes but not used in the cheek area.  Please consult with a board certified dermatologist with experience with these facial injections for the best cosmetic result.  

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Fillers into cheeks and yees

often people need more filler to get to full correction.  I suggest speaking to your physician and if you feel more is needed to get additional amounts.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Belotero or Restylane can work well around the peri orbital ( eyes ) regions , would not use in cheeks , Voluma ( Juvederm ) is my choice . These fillers should be injected with microcanulae ( Dermasculpt ) for safe , painless ,bruisless experience
This patient's photo does not indicate need for any filler at this time .

Jerrold Gendler, MD, FRCS
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Align your goals with your provider

There are many "fillers" on the market. Most providers prefer Hyaluronic Acid fillers or HA fillers. The main differentiators for HA fillers are: source of HA; concentration of HA in each syringe being utilized; the particulate size of the HA; whether the HA is cross-linked; the type of cross-linking agent used in the HA; whether the HA is monophasic or biphasic; and whether there is an anesthetic in the HA syringe. Belotero is a non-animal, monophasic cross-linked gel. It utilizes HA in a patented matrix technology. I typically use Belotero to blend the lid cheek junction (lower lids with medial cheek) and for fine lines in younger patients. During the initial consultation, it is important to review your goals and expectations with your provider. The product or filler is only as good as the injector. In this case, the filler is not meant to erase every wrinkle but again to blend the lower lid cheek junctions. I am not sure why it was placed in the cheek but it's consistency and physiologic properties render is appropriate for lower lids. I would touch base with previous injector to discuss your expectations and perhaps receive more education on predictability of the filler to achieve your goals in mind.

Effie Pappas Politis, MD
Palm Harbor Plastic Surgeon

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