10 days post op (rhinoplasty? - Will my tip really drop? (photos)

My doctor says my tip is expected to drop but I fear he is just telling me that because he saw I didnt like the results...I have attached pictures. would appreciate any feedback

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10 days post Rhinoplasty, will my tip drop

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You are very early in the postoperative period, and there is still significant swelling. I would recommend staying in touch with your surgeon and wait before getting anxious.

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10 days post rhinoplasty

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Hi Tinker7 - Thank you for your question!  I know you are really worried after your surgery but you are very early on in your healing process and there is still a lot of swelling.  Your nose will continue to heal over a year.  I tell my patients that the nose is only 70% healed at one year.  Having said that, I do see the biggest change at 6 months.  Your tip should relax/drop as you heal. Be patient and let your surgeon know your concerns.  Best of luck to you!

Jacqueline T. Cheng, MD
San Jose Facial Plastic Surgeon
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10 days post op (rhinoplasty? - Will my tip really drop?

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It is very hard to know how much it will drop 10 days out. Recovery from this surgery is 3-12 months. You just need to give it time before you will really know how much it will drop. 

Richard J. Brown, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Early postoperative changes after rhinoplasty

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Often times after rhinoplasty the nose appears to be overrotated.  This is largely due to the amount of swelling at the base of the nose.  The majority of this swelling resolves by 6 weeks, but can take a few months to subside depending on the amount of work performed.  Be patient and relay your concerns to your surgeon, who will be able to give you a reasonable estimate on when to expect certain results.

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