Still so square and high for week 3, is this normal? Also so small for having implants. (Photo)

Augmentation: November 21. Started at 32/34A; BW 13.5. Received silicone under muscle 375cc. Do they look normal for week 3? They seem so high and square. Also worried they are so small. I barely seem to be a B cup at this point. Will they get larger as they drop and fluff? I was expecting to be so much larger from sizer try on. :( Also, right incision seems "tucked under" funny. Could this be a surgical mistake, or could it even itself out as the right breast drops even with the left?

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Implant Sizing Problem


It can be very difficult at times for on-line surgeons to make the correct diagnosis in all cases.  Photos don't necessarily tell the truth because of optical distortions, etc., and a direct discussion and examination reveals much more as well. 

It appears that your pre-surgical BW was far shy of 13.5, the distance from your nipple to your inframammary fold was rather short, and your skin/breast tissue was highly elastic and unwilling to stretch.  This scenario I highly doubt called for a 375 cc implant, but instead something significantly smaller.  I know that doesn't sound great to you, especially since you are feeling too small now.  I know that one breast/implant doesn't look like the other, and the right one seems to be sitting higher with the inframammary fold tucked higher.  It would be difficult or impossible to say that was a surgical error, because there are other forces at work that affect implant position after the surgery, like tissue elasticity for instance.

My recommendation is to heal for the next three months and re-evaluate everything.  In the mean time, continue to follow up with your surgeon.

Best of luck!

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Still so square and high for week 3, is this normal? Also so small for having implants.

Thanks for writing,

You are very early in the healing process. Typically the implants take 4-6 months to drop, shape and soften. Follow your Plastic Surgeons post-op instructions carefully and completely, let him / her know of any concerns. Time is your friend
Good Luck

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Still so square and high for week 3, is this normal? Also so small for having implants.

Your implants have not dropped yet and are still sitting very high. It will take 4 to 6 months for them to drop. A larger implant would not look any larger and I doubt would have fit since your skin envelope looks very tight now. The breast will look larger as the implants settle.

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Still Waiting

A Fraid:

It is not unusual for breast implants to still be high at this point. Rather, it is the norm. And if textured, they tend to take even longer than smooth implants. Even thought the right implant is higher, it appears higher than it really is because your right nipple is lower (as evidenced by your pre-op photo). The implants can be messaged down into place over a period of months. Don't wear a bra until the position is acceptable. (Wear nipple shield for camouflage of no bra when acceptable). 

Your concern is legitimate, normal, and will likely be rewarded with a beautiful result. BTW, you may choose to  "WEAR" a B cup bra, but you certainly are larger than a size B cup. Congratulations. 

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