Rhinoplasty issues need suggestions? (Photos)

Had rhinoplasty june 2014. 6 months later had noticiable swelling on the left side of my nose from scar tissued buildup 2 months later had steriod injection. march 2016 i had a small proceddure swelling stayed and nose looks cricket. Dr injected a local antibiotic may 2016 but a deep line started appearing on the middle of my nose looks kind of deep when i make the mean face. Aug 2016 had an injection which appears to be a filler. Now feels harsh, swollen, line is not as deep like before.

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Changes after rhinoplasty

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As others have mentioned, the nose can change a lot over two years and there is no way for any surgeon to know what happened in the operating room besides your original surgeon.  Also, since you have had some injections and other procedures done on your nose, it is even harder to tell why you are having this appearance.

My suspicion is that you have some collapse of the mid-vault as well as scar tissue formation.  Regardless, you need to be examined in person to make a more definitive diagnosis.

I wish you all the best!

Funny lines after rhinoplasty, what to do?

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Hi Sarahghareeb,

Thanks for your question and photos. It looks like your nasalis muscle is going crazy. I think some botox would help those lines go away. But a physical exam is required to know for sure. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

All the best,

Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS

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Rhinoplasty Questions

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Hello,Your history is vague, but it sounds like a lot of injections of steroids and fillers (?), and possibly more surgery? Regardless, your nose would need to be examined and perhaps time allowed to pass to let fillers subside. My suggestion is stop playing with your nose for the next 12 months and reassess with another surgeon.Best of luck!

Irregularities after rhinoplasty?

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You need to send photos in 6 months or more when fillers etc are worn off so an accurate assessment of your nose can be made. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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