I had 8 dental implants placed about a month ago, one just fell out (not the screw that covers it) Is this an emergency?

I have 4 implants that are activated and healed. They are holding me temp teeth in. The dentist pulled the rest of my teeth and placed the other 4 about a month ago they are not activated yet. One of the healing implants just pushed out of my gums and I put it in a ziploc bag, it was the whole implant... Felt like it was just in my gums. Can I wait until tomorrow to call him? I am in no pain at all.

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Sometimes implants don't integrate

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While it should be addressed ASAP, it is not so much of an emergency that you need to be there TODAY.  Ultimately, the site needs to heal and then another implant can be placed, or another implant in another location can be placed.

While inconvenient, in the end it will just cost "time"

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