Would dental bonding or veneers fix my gap? (photo)

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Gaps Can Be Closed with Veneers

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You have a nice smile-Before you do veneers, go to a Cosmetic Dentist and have them look at your teeth and bite.  You may need to see a progressive orthodontist to see if they can help with the space closure. 
If you don't want Minor Tooth Movement or Invisalign then choose to go for a 'Mock Smile Trial' ! 
Its a great way to see how your smile would look if you closed the space. We do charge for the service but it is worth it. 
You go for a impression and the models are made and sent to a laboratory that will 'wax' the teeth appropriately.  You then go in for a consult and decide if you like what you see. 
Instead of veneers you can whiten and then do cosmetic bonding with composite(plastic material) on your teeth.  Go for it!!!

Bellevue Dentist

Either will work for you.

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Bonding is the quickest, easiest and the least expensive. Porcelain veneers take a little longer (two appointments), need high technique abilities and are the more expensive route. For a long term solution that will stay looking as nice many years from now as the day they are placed, porcelain veneers would be my choice. All else being equal, porcelain will not discolor, dull its appearance, and last many years longer. Bonding can last for quite a while, but it does over time, discolor, and dull its shine. A highly qualified cosmetic dentist can help you make your own best choice. Good luck.

John F. Calvert, DDS
Ketchum Dentist

Go for it!

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The simplest solution would be bonding with some consideration for whitening your teeth prior if desired.
Based on the photo, this is what I would do in my own mouth.
Veneers can be done and offer better longevity, but they come at a very high expense.
Orthodontics would be a considered if restorative options are not desired.
Thank you.

Michael Dorociak, DDS
Sarasota Dentist


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dental bonding or porcelain veneers will both give you beautiful results. there are pros and cons to each so explore them wisely.

Mona Goodarzi, DDS
Irvine Dentist

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