Can you tell me what was done here? Was the front of my septum or columella cut to be made shorter?

Can you tell me what was done here . Was the front part of my septum or columella cut to be made shorter? What does posterior and superior harvesting mean . Would that affect the tip of the nose

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No change if that was all that was done

The short statement you have given is describing the harvesting of cartilage from deep inside the nose and taking care not to affect the support.  If that was all the surgeon performed, it should not cause a change in the tip rotation or columella at all.  

The posterior (back or deep) septum and superior (higher up) septum are fine to harvest, provided at least a 1cm wide "L" shaped part is still present along the bridge and down the columella.  

You really should discuss this with your surgeon to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

All the best to you!

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Septum and Columella

Nobody can really tell you, one without the full operative report and two without being there. It sounds like maybe this was  revision case which are challenging at best. It looks to me like whoever the surgeon is just took a bit more extra cartilage that was there and left behind what they were supposed to for support. It does not indicate that columella was taken but certainly some septal cartilage was taken because that is what is there for the taking. 

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Rhinoplasty technique

Your previous surgeon can tell you not only what was done, but also why it was done. Feel free to get your questions answered because your surgeon, whom you trusted, knows the answers. That is why you trusted him/her.

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