I had a boob job 12 weeks ago, at 8 weeks post op I noticed red broken capillaries and red stretch marks. What do I do (Photos)

Im 19 and had a boob job done 12 weeks ago. I went from an A cup to DD. And I'm quite small, as a result at post op 8 weeks I started to get itchy and then little red little stretch marks started to appear but looks like broken capillaries. I have been using stratamed as requested by my surgeon but I had my breast done interstate so I can only send him photos. I'm not really sure what the marks are and I don't really know what to do. And it seems to not be getting better

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Anytime the skin is stretched quickly, stretch marks may occur. I would continue to use scar products for at least 6 months, and consider some micropen treatments. You probably can find an aesthetician in your area for those treatments.

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