Can I get stretch marks on my breast after surgery?

I'm a 32b and I am going with 375 cc will I get stretch marks? If it's possible should I use a cream and if so when do I start? Can I use it right after surgery?

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Stretch marks with breast augmentation

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While uncommon, it is possible to get stretch marks after breast augmentation.  It depends on the size of the implant and the tightness of your skin.  If you are a B cup, it would be uncommon (though not impossible) for a 375cc implant to cause stretch marks.  Unfortunately, there is no cream available that is scientifically proven to avoid or improve stretch marks.  Laser treatment can give small improvements.  If they do appear, you best bet is lots of sunblock for the first 6 months postop if you go to the beach.  
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Dr. K

Montreal Plastic Surgeon

Stretch marks

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There is no way to tell for sure whether you will get stretch marks or not but in my experience stretch marks are not common unless going with larger implants. I do not believe creams work but certainly won't hurt anything by using them. Discuss your concerns with you surgeon as they have examined you and better understand your skin/tissue quality. Best of luck

Josh Olson MD

Stretch Marks: Information

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Dear Ms. Andriana012,
Thank you for your story and questions.
Nothing substitutes for a personal evaluation, a review of your medical history/medications and a face to face discussion of your options.

Stretch marks also known as striae are caused by a rapid expansion of skin resulting in the dermis breaking apart. It has a high genetic basis. 

I have seen it occur in breast augmentation. Unfortunately there is no way to predict and creams do not help.

I recommend that you collect a number of "model" photos of your desired appearance and make several consultative appointments with Plastic Surgeons who are experienced and Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In addition ideally they are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (denoting by membership as having met additional criteria and a focus on Cosmetic Plastic Surgery).

I wish you my best and success,

R. A. Hardesty, MD, FACS
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Can I get stretch marks on my breast after surgery?

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It is possible but highly unlikely as I have very rarely seen it in 20 years. Some people are prone to developing stretch marks and I am afraid that no cream can really prevent it. It is a very unlikely complication of your surgery and there are other much more common complications which an be avoided by closely following the post op advice from your surgeon 

Best Wishes 

Can I get stretch marks on my breast after surgery?

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Stretch marks after breast augmentation are very rare, I have seen 1 case in 35 years of practice.  According to the literature stretch marks after breast augmentation happen only in patients who are prone to stretch marks in other areas of the body.  However stretch marks of the abdomen are quite common after pregnancy and even in those patients I have never seen stretch marks following breast augmentation.

Stretch Marks after breast augmentation

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 In my experience of 25 years of doing thousands of breast augmentations, I have never seen stretch marks caused by the surgery. I think that the hormonal milieu of pregnancy allows for more stretch of the skin in a rapid fashion that can produce stretch marks. For some reason, we don't see this when there is not the hormonal changes that one sees in pregnancy. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Can I get stretch marks on my breast after surgery?

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Stretch marks are not likely but there is no way to predict if it will happen. You may discuss with your surgeon.

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Can I get stretch marks on my breast after surgery?

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I have read about that but in thousands of cases over more than 3 decades I have never seen it happen. I think the odds are extremely small.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Are stretch marks on the breast common after Breast Augmentation?

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Stretch marks are seen when softening or thinning of the skin occurs and the deepest layer of the skin tears, resulting in a strip of thinner skin. Like a tear in a piece of clothing the length of the tear depends on how thin or soft the skin is. Most often stretch marks occur during pregnancy, when the hormones of pregnancy soften the skin and the pressure of the growing baby (or swelling breast) results in a stretch mark. Breast Augmentation is not performed during these high hormone periods, so stretch marks are very uncommon. In fact, if stretch marks are present they are often stretched out and are not as noticeable.

Douglas Leppink, MD
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Can I get stretch marks on my breast after surgery?

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Thank you for your question.  Depending on your breast skin quality and tightness it is unlikely that you will develop stretch marks with a 375cc implant.  That said, some stretch marks that may already be present and not clearly observable can become more apparent after the augmentation.  Unfortunately it is not possible to predict which patients may suffer this type of scarring.  

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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