I'm 18. Am I too young for an eyebrow lift? I've noticed over the years that if I don't raise my eyebrows I look mean (Photo)

look very mean and upset. I raise them in every photo and now it almost looks excessive, like I'm trying to hard to open my eyes. There's a small rinkle forming on my forehead from raising, and its a little hard for me to see completely when the are not raised because of my eyelids, I'm assuming. I've thought a lot and would really like to go through with it. The first photo's a few years ago before I noticed how I look without my brows raised, the second is what my photos now normally look like

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Brow lifts are not just for rejuvenation

In general, there are two types of plastic surgery maneuvers for the face: those that are designed to reduce aging changes (rejuvenation) and those that are designed to change how you were made (transformation). 

A good example of rejuvenation is laser resurfacing: it restorers youthful features for the skin. A good example of Transformation is rhinoplasty: it changes anatomy a patient was born with for the better. 

Brow lifting can be utilized for rejuvenation as well as Transformation.  In your case, you were born with naturally low brows as an inherited characteristic from your mom or your dad. Brow lifting is a good tool for permanently elevating your forehead, which will relieve you of having to contract your forehead muscle. 

Get a consultation with a surgeon experienced in the various types of brow lifts to discuss further options for your specific situation.  Good luck to you!

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Too Young for an Eyebrow Lift at Age 18?

You are definitely not too young for an eyebrow lift which in a lady like yourself is an inherited characteristic, obviously not secondary to aging. You also have a high hairline which can be simultaneously lowered if you use the Irregular Trichophytic Hairline Incision technique that we described over 30 years ago.

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