I had total fx treatment 5 days ago. Is 4 weeks the standard amount of time to wait prior to applying sunscreen?

I am concerned that I will get too much sun on my face just doing my daily activities such and driving if I wait to apply sunscreen for 4 weeks.

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In my opinion, 4 weeks is too long to wait to start applying sunscreen. Once you have re-epithelized you should start wearing sunscreen and moisturizer. Generally, that will take place around 10-14 days post laser. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible even with the sunscreen as your skin will be extra sensitive.

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Apply Sunscreen after laser

Once the skin is completely healed you should apply sunscreen.  It is best to check with your doctor but typically it is around 10-14 days post treatment.  Try to avoid any sun exposure that first 2 weeks after the procedure.

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In my practice after your skin has healed (completely re-epithelized) we have our patients apply mineral type of sunscreens to help #preventPostInflammatoryHyperpigmentation .

I had total fx treatment 5 days ago. Is 4 weeks the standard amount of time to wait prior to applying sunscreen?

Four weeks is typically too long to wait to apply sunscreen because your skin will need protection from the sun much sooner.  Typically, a Total Fx laser treatment is healed enough to allow sunscreens and/or make-up in 6-8 days depending on the intensity of the treatment; however, that time may be longer or shorter depending on your surgeon's instructions.  Of course significantly limiting sun exposure during the first 4-6 weeks is critical as well.

I hope this helps.

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Sunscreen after Total FX

You can apply sunscreen once your skin has healed over after fracitonal CO2 resurfacing.  In the meantime, do your best to avoid direct sun.

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Total Fx

We normally wait approximately 3 weeks or so before applying sunblock, after full-face Total FX.

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