Implantable Collamer Lense with dry eyes?

I have severe dry eyes at 2 and 3 on the Schirmer test. I can't tolerate progressive lense glasses. I would like to get ICLs to correct my distance vision and only wear reading glasses when needed. I can't have Lasik due to severe dryness. Can people with this issue be a candidate for ICLs, since the eye surface will not be As disturbed (no flap, etc.)....will it be okay for severe dry eye? Is there an experienced Dr. near Richmond, VA?.... I can travel to MD if necessary.

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LASEK for dry eyes

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you're correct you can't get lasik if you have bad dry eyes as cutting the flap will make it worseYou can get ICL but that's more dangerous and more expensiveI'd suggest LASEK w Punctal plugs and restasis. Should work fine and be safer and cheaper than ICL wo worsening your DES

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