I Have a 12' Red, Green & Black Half Sleeve Looking to Remove What Are the Realistic Expectations? (photo)

I have a consulation to remove my tattoo coming iup. It is a professionally done half sleeve. It consists of light to dark red roses, emerald green to lime green leaves, black/grey shaded skull & black outlines. I understand that some colours are difficult but the tattoo is began to cause me distress and need to know realistically what to expect in terms of removal. It is approx 12' inches on left upper arm. I am a 29 yr old caucassian male & would consider myself to be in very good health.

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Realsitic Expectations

It would take some effort but this tattoo should respond quite well to laser treatment. Multiple treatments will be needed as well as different types of lasers. A combination of the PicoSure laser for the green and black ink and a q-switched laser (green light) for the red ink should lead to an excellent outcome.

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