Can Anyone Explain How This Lady Has Gone from Far Apart Breasts to Close with Great Cleavage? It Looks Like Revision Surgery.

I don't like how far apart my breasts are (they are enhanced). I have read that it's not really possible to change - the space between them after will be the same as the space you had before. But, I have found an example, a fitness model, and her earlier pictures are very different to her more recent ones. My breasts are similarly placed (the before photo). Surely she has had revision surgery? What techniques have been used? What has been done differently to achieve this fantastic result?

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I'll give you one good reason why the cleavage looks closer.  It is the push up bra tha is pushing them inward.

Cleavage after Breast Augmentation

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The pictures you looking at are very deceptive as are many pictures found on the Internet.  In the to pictures where the breasts are close together, it appears that the bra top is pushing the implants together.  It may also be that whoever did the surgery dissected significantly medial.  This can, in many cases, lead to significant complications later.  In the one picture postoperatively where the bra is not pushing from laterally (the bottom left one), it appears that the breasts are still at about the same distance apart as preoperatively.  Since you cannot tell for the nipples are on any of the postoperative pictures, I suspect the bottom left picture represents the actual result best, and that, in the other pictures, the nipple is on the lateral aspect of the mound and the implant is pushed medially.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Breast cleavage

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It is unclear if the difference you see is completely or partially due to the bra pushing the implants together and up.

#Breastcleavage is a desired goal of cosmetic surgery that is not always achievable. It is clear that implants alone do not create cleavage and attempting to make them do so creates more problems than it is worth. There is increasing data though that fat grafting in conjunction with breast implants can create natural cleavage without the drawbacks of the implants touching across the midline. These drawbacks however are replaced by the pros and cons of fat grafting such as variable graft take, requirement of more than one graft session etc.

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Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

How to achieve great cleavage with breast augmentation

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The top two pictures definitely looks like she went with a larger sized implant as she looks at least a whole cup size bigger.  If you want great cleavage without the need for a pushup or push in bra then its important to select an implant that fits with base width of your breast.  There will be an ideal diameter implant for each woman and this diameter should be matched with the proper sized implant to achieve great cleavage.  Its also a given how precise the space made under the current breast will have a huge impact on the shape of the breast.  It is true that pushup bras can improve cleavage but that is not what you want to do to a set of new breast implants on a day in and day out setting.  Constant pressure and distortion of the your breast implant pockets will lead to shifting and permanent distortion of the breast.  When there is pressure applied to a breast pocket slowly the areas that are compressed will contract and the areas that are stretched will thin and relax.  This leads to shifting of the breast and the nipples will become off center over time.  Often leading to nipples that point east and west.  This is especially true if that has been some mild capsule formation as internal scarring response more to constant pressures applied to it. 


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It is possible to enhance your cleavage both surgically or non surgically.  The cheapest way is by buying a super supportive bra like that seen in photo number 2.  It is possible, but in my opinion less likely, that the model has also had revisional surgery.

There are lots of ways to enhance cleavage, and not all of them are surgical

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From simply looking at the pictures you have posted I would disagree with your statement that "Surely she has had revision surgery."  The before pictures show no bra support at all, whereas in the later pictures, she is wearing a strongly supportive sports type bra.  Such a difference in support can most definitely push the implants toward the midline and produce the changes you are seeing here - all without surgery.  We have to be careful about indiscriminately moving implants to the center without paying attention to the position of the nipple over the breast mound as a whole, because you can very easily move the implants in and leave the nipple directed outward and "pointing around a corner."  

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

How do I get cleavage??????????????

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The most glaring difference that I see from her photos is that in the "good" photos, she is wearing a much more supportive bikini top that is pushing her breasts together.  As surgeons, we are limited anatomically by the amount of inherent space that the patient has.  Some surgeons push the limit and place very large implants which can decrease the space, but never in a fashion that most women conceptualize.  The danger in pushing the envelope to make two closely spaced breast is one very odd breast (symmastia). 

Always take photos from magazines and the internet with a grain of salt.  Good photographers use lighting as well as photoshop to get great results.

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