Dermaroller on Surgical Scars?

I am considering getting surgery, and I was just wondering how long after any type of surgery (most likey tummy tuck) would I have to wait before using my dermaroller on the scar? Thanks, ~Romano.

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Dermaroller on scars

How long should you wait after surgery to use a dermaroller on the surgical scar?

This depends on the type of surgery, but generally can be used as early as 3-6 weeks after surgery. Usually it takes about 6 weeks for collagen to build up on a surgical scar, after which it is broken down and remodelled.  So perhaps it is better to wait till the 6 week mark before using any type of device to improve the scar. Generally all scars get better on their own over a one year period. I recommend massage of the scar to prevent thickening.

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