Why can I feel bubbly rippling in my replacement implants?

I had 300cc for 12 years, no rippling and you could not feel rippling at the bottom of the breast. I changed to a larger implant but have since downsized to 280cc now under the muscle. If these implants are roughly the same size why do I have the rippling and bubbly feeling with the new ones that I did not have previously.

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It is hard to know why you feel the implants and the ripples now when you had not before. Maybe the capsule was removed and until a new one forms, you are more aware of the implant. Maybe you are thinner than you were or your breast tissue has decreased with age. All implants ripple and you can usually feel the implant, especially in the lower lateral pole of the breast where the muscle does not cover it. The key is just not to see the ripples. Talk to your surgeon about these concerns for more reassurance. Best wishes.

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