Pigment on head with two IPL sessions and now on hydroquinone 4%and aesthicare retinol 0.5 for 3 days (Photo)

I have pigment on my head and have had 2 ipl sessions but came back. I seen a derm and he said not to use ipl or lasers as I have something similar to Melasma but no real diagnosis. I use hydroquinone 4% and retinol for 3 days, any thoughts

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Skin pigment

Skin conditions such as melasma can be difficult to treat. The key to avoiding skin pigmentation is avoiding the sun. This means reducing sun expose and whenever you are out side to make sure you have on a physical sun block with zinc or titanium. Brightening agent such as hydroquinone and a vitamin A derivative such as retinol should be a part of your daily skin care regimen. Best of luck!

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