Will my breasts return to their original shape after explant? Could another surgery risk more loss of nipple sensation.

I had my breast implants done almost 2 years ago. I had 400cc HP silicone over the muscle going from a 32D to a 32G. I'm not happy with how unnatural and firm they feel. So I am thinking of getting an explant without a lift and wondering if they are likely to return to normal shape? Also I experienced some loss in nipple sensation (I have regained some but not all? Will this change?), and wondering if I would risk losing more sensation from surgery?brea

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Implant removal

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It is unlikely that your breasts will rebound to their former selves.  But, you can undergo the explant and see how they do. You can always have a fit later on.

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Implant explanation

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Your breast tissue will go back to the original shape after explanation if the capsulectomy not performed. You have mild ptosis and large aerola which indicates that you were candidate for lift. The sensation will not change with explanation. 

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Will my breasts return to their original shape after explant? Could another surgery risk more loss of nipple sensation

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It is unlikely you will lose nipple sensation.  You can help your breast heal and return to their original shape by wearing a good compression sports bra for several weeks after surgery.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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En bloc capsulectomy

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They will not return to their pre surgical shape.Breast implant removal should be performed with complete en bloc capsulectomy without lift.  The capsule should not be left in place or the space will not heal.  In patients that believe that their implants are causing them illness, leaving the capsule behind will not result in any improvement in their symptoms. Because the removal of the capsule and lift performed together can compromise the blood supply to the skin, breast and nipple to a potentially devastating degree, they should never be performed together.  After the explantation with capsulectomy is healed, you can develop an plan for further surgery if it is warranted and is safe from a technical standpoint.  

Implant removal

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The skin has been stretched so it is unlikely your breasts will be like they were before the implants were placed. Removal shouldn't affect nipple sensation unless the capsule is removed as well which could potentially affect sensation.

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