Nothing stopped my hair loss (Diffuse thinning all over my scalp). Now using dutasteride and getting worse. (photos)

What is my next step? I have been loosing hair since I stopped my treatment with roaccutan for my acne. My hair began to fall slowly in a diffuse pattern all over my scalp. I was prescribed on minoxidil 5%. This didn't gave me any result and I was prescribed on finasteride 2mg and ketoconazole. It got worse in terms of density. I was on finasteride for 2 or 3 years aprox and I gave up few months ago as I didn't see any improvement. I switched then to avodart (dutas 0'5). My derm said I am experiencing miniaturization.

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Hair loss with use of Accutane reported

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The use of Accutane may cause hair loss and this is a side effect of this drug. Treating you with the standard drugs such a finasteride or minoxidil may not help. If you continue to experience miniaturization, then you most likely are on the long slide to some form of male pattern balding

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