Mons pubis liposuction swelling. I'm going on holiday in 10 weeks and need it to be reduced by then. How can I do this?Thank you

I am now 7 weeks post op and the firmness is almost completely away! The swelling however has seemed to become worse. 

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Swelling after mons pubis lipo should get better not worse

It's not normal for swelling to increase 7 weeks after lipo of the mons pubis. There may be a fluid collection that needs to be drained. Contact your surgeon.

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Mons pubis liposuction swelling. Firmness is gone but swelling has worsened

Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your swelling.  At 7 weeks much of your swelling should have resolved and it would be best to see your surgeon for an in-person evaluation.  It would be important to rule out other causes of swelling, such as residual adipose tissue or a discrete fluid collection.  If it is determined to be swelling, a compression garment may prove useful as your body continues to heal.   Hope this helps.

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