Laser hair removal - fine regrowth.

Hi, just a quick question. I see many people and dermatologists say when a hair follicle is at anagen phase and laser zaps the follicle, that hair will not grow back. When I get treatment done and the hair follicle has been killed and hair is shedding, I still see regrowth from the follicles but finer. My practitioner said it is a process of killing that follicle many times and eventually it will not produce any hair and if it does it will be slower, finer and lighter. Is he correct thanks.

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Yes, regrowth is finer and likely until you get all treatments to essentially hit the follicle  multiple times through the follicle life cycle. It sounds like you are in good hands. Good Luck!

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Fine hair growth after laser hair removal

Yes, your doctor is correct. The laser only works during the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. The laser targets the pigment in the active follicle destroying it. Depending on hair type (mostly a genetic factor), some follicles may require several treatments at different settings to permanently destroy the follicle. 

Adaeze Okeke, MD
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