Why would I need to need a clinical psychologist before having a rhinoplasty privately?

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Psychological Consult Before Rhinoplasty

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Yours is a delicate question. There could be many reasons that a psychologist would be involved.  It is important that a patient is in good mental health before undergoing a surgery.  Some patients feel pressured by family members or loved ones, while other patients feel unsupported by family members and loved ones.  Either situation can produce conflict that a psychologist can help with.  In addition, it is important that each patient have a realistic expectation of what the result will look like, and how it will change one's life. Think of Meryl Streep:  she does not have a classically "perfect" nose but has been able to achieve great success in her acting career.  If a patient thinks that a "bad nose" is the only obstacle to success in life, a psychologist can help frame this notion more realistically. These are only some of the reasons, but I hope they help you.

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