Can anyone give me an averge price for the Embrace scar therapy system?

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Embrace scar management

The Embrace scar management system adds about $200 to your procedure, possibly more depending on scar size and duration of therapy.  It is "state of the art" with regard to scar management but is pricey.  All things considered, if your doctor recommends it, it is a (relatively) small price to pay to end with a potentially much better scar result.  I wish they had them for the nipple-areolar complex scars but (at least according to the company as of now) they do not.  

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Embrace costs..

Thanks for your questions. I have used Embrace for 2 years and the costs are better now than before when the product was much newer. Costs for the product vary from practice to practice and is also regional. I recommend all Embrace be placed in the office which increases the overall costs, but if you're doing it at home and don't place it right - it will not lead to better scarring. In the office, we know we placed it correctly for the maximal tension relief. Hope this helps! Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
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