Gingival Grafts and Invisalign?

I had five gingival grafts in December, 2011. My gum recession is bad along with some bone loss. I never had gum disease, but the recession was caused from excessive brushing when I was younger, grinding/clenching in my sleep, and braces and palate separator when I was in my early teens. My dentist really believes my bite needs to be corrected to help with the recession. When my wisdom were impacted and removed, but they shifted most of my teeth forward. I have very crowded lower from teeth.

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Gingival Grafts and Invisalign

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Invisalign and any type of orthodontic tooth movement is NOT recommended for anyone with periodontal issues. You mention bone loss. Your dentist would have to make a judgement call whether or not you might suffer more bone loss from Invisalign.

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