Is it still too soon to see any results from my rhinoplasty? Did removing the splint early have a significant effect on results?

2 weeks 2 days post op. Doctor removed splint 4 days early due to allergic reaction to tape. I told him I wanted the hump removed off of my nose and a slope down my nose and not just a straight look. He said he was able to get that during surgery, however I don't see much of a difference in my nose. It still has a suttle hump and no slope, It is still very tender to the touch and looks a bit swollen, feels very hard which makes me worry that its bone and not swelling. Feeling doubtful about end results.

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Did removing the splint mess up my surgery?

Hi, camaroaz!  Highly doubtful that removing the splint a few days early would make that much of a difference.  At two weeks post op you will have significant swelling still.  Try to be patient, I know its hard but this will take time.  Follow up with your plastic surgeon on a regular basis.  Keep your head up!
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Allergy to nasal tape after rhinoplasty. Will it affect my result?

HI CamaroAz, Thanks for your questions. It will likely not have any affect on the final outcome. Most of the taping is done to help with swelling! But if allergic then it should be removed. The results for a formal rhinoplasty takes months if not at least a year to have a better idea as to what a nose will ultimately look like. Most rhinoplasty surgeons explain this. Don't judge anything for at least 3-6 months! It will take time for the skin to shrink to the new bone structure. Hope this helps!   All the best, Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS #Rhinoplasty #NasalCurves Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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