How long will this take to heal? Will I scar? Should I be using an ointment? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty 4 days ago, my skin reacted to the tape with deep red color , tiny blisters and burning. Very painful and uncomfortable. My doctor put me on methylprednisolon pack. Been two days and I see 0% improvement. He also instructed I use hydrocortisone for skin discomfort. That is not helping either. I'm very concerned.

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Allergy after Rhinoplasty, what to do?

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Hi Camaroaz,Thanks
for your question and photos. It certainly is an allergic reaction to the adhesive. Your on the right medications. It may be that some adhesive is still on your nose. You need to remove it completely and it sometimes it takes a 3-10 days for the inflammatory cells to go away and thus redness will follow their leaving. Discuss your concerns with your rhinoplasty surgeon. Good Luck! But remember be patient and continue your meds. It will be ok in time.

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Reaction to rhinoplasty tape - How long will this take to heal? Will I scar? Should I be using an ointment?

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Hello camaroaz - Thanks for your question. Your surgeon has you on the correct oral and topical medications.  If the glue is still on your skin, then you will continue to be irritated. I would recommend that you call your surgeon and see if they will take more glue off the skin to help the medications to work effectively. You will notice a big change is about a week. Scarring and discoloration is minimum with this issue in most patients. I've had several patients over the years who've had this chemical dermatitis. All recovered with no issues. While it is difficult, I recommend that you stay patient and in communication with your surgeon.  Good luck, Dr. Shah

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