Eyelid Scars - 7 Months Bleph Post-Op - Corrective Surgery Needed. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi RS Surgeons, It's been 7 mos. post-op and I still have very visible, scars on my incisions and drooping skin near my tear ducts on both eyelids! Plus, I can feel the scars and my right lid catches when I blink, I have chronic dry eye and my vision is getting worse! The scar on my left lid literally happened a WITHIN SECONDS at 2 1/2 weeks. I felt a sweeping sensation and all of a sudden had this hypertrophic scar. Can anyone explain what happened and recommend someone to help me in AZ?

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Eyelid Scars, good or bad?

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Hi Denise,Thanks for your question and photos. Your scars themselves are fairly reasonable. There appear to be some milia on the left side. I see the extra need the medial part of your eyes but that may just be a fat pocket was not removed during the first surgery. Scars will always be visible if your eyes are closed but when open I dont see much but that may just be the photos that you have taken. the catching is not from the scars. Not sure if internal scarring but a physical exam is necessary to see if that is the case. If you had dry eyes before, any eyelid surgery makes that worse and if you have a revision, it will be worse. If it has not improved by 1 year, you likely will have chronic dry eyes for the likley future. The scar is not hypertrophic or kelodi"ish" It looks reasonable. Not sure what was discussed with your previous surgeon but maybe have a discuss with him or her regarding your concerns. Again a simple in office revision can correct some of the issues but not necessarily all of them. Get several consultations from reputable board certified physicians that can show you good before and afters.    All the best, Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS #blepharoplasty #scar Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

I think many surgeons would be very pleased with this surgical outcome.

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These are not considered hypertrophic scars.  These are considered very acceptable.  Surgery does cause scars and these scars are designed to be hidden when the eyes are open.  That is exactly what is demonstrated in your photos.  The catching sensation is unlikely related to the surface scar and more likely is caused by internal eyelid scaring.  Surgical revision can be performed to refine the eye but it would not make the dry eye better and, at least for a time, might make the dry eye a bit worse. The eyelid sit heavy on the eye and the crease is high.  The internal eyelid tendon can be repositioned to better support the upper eyelid margin and the upper eyelid lashes so the eyelid platform skin is snugged like a bed sheet.  This supports the upper eyelid lashes making them look perky.  You will need to travel for this type of work.

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