What can I expect during recovery for a breast implant exchange and possible capsular contracture issues?

10 year old saline implants filled to 550 cc; one year ago one of the implants deflated and I have been saving for a year to get this fixed. It is now becoming painful, as the bag is scratching the inside of my breast tissue and I suspect some kind of capsular contracture, as it feels lumpy and sore. I am having both implants removed and silicone implants at a slightly larger size placed. What will the recovery be like? It was pretty rough the last time, will it be better or worse?

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How painful is revision breast surgery?

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Hi FitMamaof6,Thanks for your question. It certainly is not as bad as the first time. Most of my patients experience discomfort and just sometimes take ibuprofen only and no narcotics for pain. But the best determinate of pain will be what is done exactly. If the capsular contracture needs to be removed, then that usually causes more pain. If your doctor uses drains, then that typically causes more pain. Again it will be based on what is done to the inside of your breast or if any internal sutures need to placed to reposition your breast to a better position. Hope this helps and congrats on your new breast!   All the best, Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS #implantexchange #breastaugmentation Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Normally revision surgery is less painful in our practice. The capsulotomy is normally not too painful as the Submuscular pocket is already present 

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