When you choose a breast implant do they have different set sizes? Is there a 280 implant or are they 200s filled to 280?

Do Mentor Breast implants only come in 200 and 300 and then you fill them? When you choice a breast implant do they have different widths? Is there a 280 implant, or are they 200s filled to 280? Im going with mentor.

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Breast Implant choice

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There are several implant sizes, shapes, and manufactures to ensure that the implants chosen best suit the patient. No surgeon can adequately match  the patient to the implant size without a physical exam and interview with the patient to assess her reasonable desires.

Don't be focused on the size of the implant. The final appearance is determined by the implant chosen as well as the preoperative characteristics of the breasts (volume, skin quality, droopiness, bony configuration of the chest wall, etc.)

Implant sizes .....

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Mentor (and other) breast implants come in multiple sizes (length, width and projection) - not just 200 and 300 ccs. Typically they are either filled with silicone (which is prefilled and not adjustable) or saline (which may be overfilled safely up to 10% greater than the implant volume).

Mentor has a long standing history of making reliable and safe implants so theirs is a good choice. I would recommend you seeing a board certified Plastic Surgeon to evaluate you and help with your implant choice so you may have the great result you seek.

Mentor Implants

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Hi Echo,
Mentor Breast Implants come in all kinds of sizes, profiles and there are shaped implants.  Whatever you want.  See the video below which I made to explain this.  All the best, Dr. Joe

Mentor implant sizes

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Thank you for your question.  The implant manufacturers make a variety of sizes increasing by 25 or 50cc +/-. If you are going with saline and looking for 300cc for example,  in my practice I would probably choose something around a 250 or 275 and fill the implant to 300 or 310  depending on how things look on the table. You also are missing a big part in choosing implant size and that is the profile. Your base diameter or width of your breasts will determine the width of the implant needed. Good luck to you.

Saline implants

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come with fill volumes that range from 25 cc's through 100 cc's, depending on manufacturer and style of implant.  These are issues you should discuss with your selected surgeon to find what is best for you.  The nice thing about saline implants is that they can be custom filled to try to improve your symmetry if starting asymmetric.

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