Has Lifting Daughter Undone Muscle Repair?

I had a Full Tummy Tuck and muscle repair 2.5 weeks ago. Today i was caught in a tricky situation and had no choice but to lift my 15.6lb daughter. I didnt feel anything at the time i did it and i dont feel any different now either. But im worried i may have undone my muscle repair. Is this possible? What would undoing a stitch feel like? And when would it be totally ok to lift my babies without any danger again?

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Has lifting your daughter hurt your tummy tuck?

I think you are fine!

At 2.5 weeks postop, your muscle plication is starting to heal well; it is not strong, but starting to gain some strength.  If you had hurt so meting you should have felt  a pop, stretching or immediate pain. The weight limitations that your surgeon gave you are safe limits.  His goal is for no one to have a delayed failure of the repair.  It is not likely that this one incident will cause the sutures to pull.

Also, there is a variety of different thoughts on postop exercise.  Some allow return to exercises at three weeks.  I am more conservative and advise 3-4 weeks to return to cardio and 6 weeks to return to weight lifting.

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