Puffy Nipple and Deformed chest after 1month Post Op Gynecomastia Surgery. (photos)

I am in Ghana.I had GYNO and went to a big Gov't Hospitals here nd was referred to the Breast Clinic Dept.for further Mgmt.I went and was diagnosed of Bilateral Gynecomastia and surgery must be done to remove breast tissues.but he will do 1 and a month later do the other 1 all under General Anaesthesia.So i gav my consent nd the 1st surgery was done.Is 1month nd i hav puffy nipple.No lipo was done.Next surgery is Nxt week nd am confused.Pls will de Gyno come back without the lipo.Tanx

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Puffy Nipple and Deformed chest after 1month Post Op Gynecomastia Surgery.

I don't know why your surgeon decided to phase off the procedures but traditionally gynecomastia surgery is performed in one setting. Direct excision is necessary for the excision of the gland and lipo is needed to even out the edges while avoiding a crater appearance. Only a small scar under the areola is needed. Seek a plastic surgeon with specialty training in #gynecomastia surgery, has great photos, and is an expert in #malebreastreduction.

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Puffy Nipple Surgery

Hello and thank you for your question. I apologize, as your photos are fairly dark and difficult to see, and I hope that I am able to help you with the understanding of what you should be able to expect from surgery to help reduce your "puffy nipple" condition.Puffy nipple surgery generally takes only an hour or two, and the recovery time is short; sometimes less than a week. There is minimal scarring and the success rate is excellent. Therefore, patients who suffer from "Puffy Nipples", and who view it as an unaesthetic and unpleasant condition, may desire surgical intervention to correct the "puffy nipple" condition. I would also like to let you know that if you have any questions or concerns about the healing process from your procedure you should definitely schedule an appointment with your surgeon to have the area evaluated in person. That is just an option to be safe and ensure everything is progressing properly. Best of luck!

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