Can someone else's fat be used to contour my buttocks?

i am three months old after lipo.i dont like my result as i am very busty and therefore had my body with a bigger upper section to the lower part.after fat removed from my stomach and transfered to the buttocks i still look same shape because of my huge not satisfied because i want huge hip and buttocks to match my boobs.i dont have fat anywhere else to help me achieve this.can someones fat be used to increase my buttocks.and is it achievable in one sergury?

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Using someone elses fat??

Its an excellent, obvious question...unfortunately, because your immune system would reject anyone else's fat, that is not possible.  I would never suggest weight gain, but have had patients gain weight and get fat from areas that are still generous or least liposuctioned.

Hope that helps, best of luck

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This is the easiest question to answer as the answer is no.

Not unless you have an identical twin who would be happy to lend you their fat. 

Apologies. You could always have your breasts reduced to match you up that way. The is a great option for you. 

Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

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