Getting Rid of Stretch Marks and Sagging Skin?

I have a little bit of sagging skin and very shallow stretch marks on my tummy. I also have almost unnoticable stretch marks on my butt and breasts but I want to have them removed. What is the best treatment you could advise me with?

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You have no options unfortunately

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At the present time, there is no technique or technology that will get rid of your stretch marks.  Save your hard earned money and don't waste it on what is currently available.  Be grateful for your youth and your health!

Nothing will remove your stretch marks

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There is no treatment for the stretch marks that you have. Tummy tuck will help you with excess skin over your lower tummy. For the breast and butt, sorry. There are many claims but no result.

Without loose skin, difficult to define effective treatment.

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It’s not unusual for patients to be concerned about stretch marks following pregnancy. When these stretch marks are associated with redundant saggy abdominal skin they can be addressed by performing an abdominoplasty.
Unfortunately when there isn’t associated loose skin; there’s really no effective way to treat them. This doesn’t mean there aren’t claims to the contrary. The non-surgical treatment of stretch marks is a multimillion dollar business in the United States.
Under these circumstances it’s appropriate to consult a board certified surgeon. This surgeon should be able to give you an honest assessment of your options.

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Post Baby Stretch Marks.

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Hi Lady 22:
Like most surgeons who have been here long enough, I have seen many "promising" techniques come and go. Most over promise and under deliver.  I do use the Dermapen for other indications but  it is underwhelming for stretch marks (so we rarely offer this modality of treatment for stretchmarks, in general). There is a plethora of available topical creams, tonic, potions but none of them offer the type of guaranteed instantly visible results as an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) which surgically removes much of the damaged skin, repairs the lax abdominal muscles, and fabulously narrows the waistline at the same time.. 

Stretchmark removal

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It is difficult to get rid of stretch marks, although some may be removed by a tummy tuck. You may want to consider nonsurgical options like micro needling, however results can be unpredictable and may not reduce their appearance as much as you'd like. 

Stretch marks from pregnancy

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You appear to be an excellent candidate for an abdominoplasty and you should get a nice result. Typically the ellipse of skin that is removed during the procedure will remove the central stretch marks below your umbilicus.A full tummy tuck will remove the skin below your belly button.

Please consult a board certified plastic surgeon for an examination and a thorough discussion of your goals and to learn what is possible.

Unfotunately there is no method to remove stretch marks.

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If stretch marks are on the lower part of the abdomen and there is loose skin then they can be removed surgically.  Some women don't like the stretch marks on the upper part of their breasts and those can be improved by doing a small size breast augmentation. 

How to remove Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are the result of a mechanical injury to the skin itself. No laser or creams will regenerate this deeper layer of the skin. The only effective treatment today is to surgically remove the stretch marks. You certainly can most of your lower abdomen stretch marks removed with a tummy tuck. In addition you would have a flatter abdomen with muscle tightening, which when assessing your pictures, you would certainly benefit from. Dont waste your time or money on any other gimmicks like creams, ultrasound, or lasers. 

Ankit Desai, MD
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Your Tummy

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The only proven way to get rid of stretch marks on your abdominal area is to perform an abdominoplasty and excise them. By doing an abdominplasty you can get rid of the majority of them if they are below the belly button, but they cannot be removed in other areas such as the stomach and breasts. They are very difficult, if not impossible to improve even with multiple different laser techniques and technology. There is nothing that has been shown experimentally or clinically to work effectively and in a consistent manner.

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Very few effective options for stretch marks

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Unfortunately, I share the same pessimistic attitude as my colleagues below.

I have seen many patients who have spent thousands of dollars on proposed treatments, with little response.

Time to allow the darker stretch marks to fade is most likely your best option.

Dr. Oppenhein has written an outstanding and highly detailed answer regarding minimally invasive options, which can be located on the RealSelf page:

Given the darkened color of the striae, Retin-a may be the most cost effective option at this point in time.

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