Vision slightly blurry; the quality fluctuate frequently; after 1,5 hours on the computer my eyes have trouble to focus.

I had iLasik (intralase) 2 weeks ago. I took for 1week deksametazon0.1%, ofloxacin0,3% and intensive tears. Now,only the intensive tears. Although, I have the sensation that my eyes are slightly blurry and the tears do not help to clear. What I am experience too, my vision quality fluctuate a lot.I wake up, I see perfect and along the day get worst.I start to dont see so well in distance (driving) and after 2 hours working on the computer; i start also to have difficulties to read, and focusing.

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Recovery Post-Refractive Surgery

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Hi Rita,

It is perfectly normal to have fluctuating vision after laser refractive surgery. During the first few weeks, the surface of the eye is healing and remodeling and due to the nature of the surgery, the cells that help with tissue regeneration and tear production can be affected as well. As a result, patients often have significant dry eye, particularly during tasks when blink frequency is reduced (like computer work). I would suggest continuing your artificial tear drops and using them more often when you are working on the computer or reading. You may also benefit from using a humidifier since often times at work the air is dry from central heat or air conditioning which exacerbates the issue.

New Haven Oculoplastic Surgeon

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