What can I do to stop my implant from bottoming out? (Photo)

I had my BA in the 9 of may of this year, 280cc HP anatomical. Few days ago I noticed my left implants was a bit under the fold and I could feel it good from there compare to my right one. I sent picture to my PS and he told me than the implant had moved and to prevent it to move more I had to be wearing push up bra for the next six months and sleeping with a sport bra. Do you thing my implant will really keep falling if I don't do that? If i do that my implant come back to where it should be?

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It will help

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If you wear supportive bras to keep the implants up it will help from having the implant travel further down.  You should look into tight supportive bras.  Once the implant has traveled lower it will never go back up unless you do surgery.  Speak to your plastic surgeon and follow his/her recommendation.

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Anatomic implant moving

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One down side to tear drop implants is that they can shift, even at a late date.  Your best bet is to follow your surgeon's recommendations.  It may take another 3-6 months for the final position and shape and then you can decide. I don't think it will move back up  without surgery. Hang in there. The example below is a round implant. Best wishes. 

Francisco Canales, MD
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