Skin Excision for excess skin (Rhinoplasty)? (photos)

I had 2 rhinoplasty, my main problem is excess skin. Now i have too much skin in the length and width. A build up op was already done, but it didn`t improve my redundant skin. Due to this i am thinking about performing rhinoplasty with skin excision on my nose, but it`s difficult to find any doctors who perform this. I prefer external incisions in the alar groove, at the base of the nostrils and at the columella because it's less visible. Is there any doctor or do you know one who performs this?

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Skin excess on nose

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You have what appears to be thicker sebaceous, or oily skin.  Your surgeon was correct in trying to "build up" your nose since excising the underlying support to give you a "smaller nose" usually results in a collapsed heavy looking nose with poor support.  Thick skin can only be adressed with skin care, laser, or other surface treatments.  That being said, there are surgeons, some very well know for thier work in rhinoplasty, who have successfully perfromed skin excsion for thick skin.  These excisions have typically been on the dorsum or bridge.  I dont think excising skin in the other areas of the nose would be prudent, but talk to your surgeon who appears to be knowledgeable and technically sound.  Good luck.

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