Should I get a revision for my periareolar top surgery? And when?

Hello! I had periareolar top surgery 1 Month ago, and while I am happy with how my chest looks from the side, the front view bothers me, as I feel like there is too much tissue left which makes it look like I still got breasts. My surgeon did this on purpose, to make it look more male "since a man's chest is not 100% flat" but I think it looks more female this way. I already discussed having my nipples resized with him. But can my other problem be fixed via a revision? Thanks for your help!

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Revision surgery

Your surgery was one month ago and there will still be some changes in the appearance of your chest. The skin may tighten and pull the lower fold, causing the bulge of skin and its shadow to disappear. However, in my opinion this will not be sufficient to completely flatten the bulge. Removal of the remainder of the breast tissue will also cause the bulge to flatten, although one cannot predict that the skin will become taut. My guess is that it will still look loose and wrinkly. Your best bet is to cut out some skin with the remaining breast tissue. The upside is a better contour, the downside is a scar across the bottom of the chest.

If this advice helps you to understand your surgery better, let us know.

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