Palpable bump on nose after rhinoplasty.

Hello, i'm three weeks post septorhinoplasty now and I know it's a bit early but i'm quite concerned. There is a lump on the highest point of the nose bridge that you can just feel but not see. It's like the doctor didn't grind down the bump of the nose enough, the skin on this area seems thicker due to swelling and i'm scared that if the swelling goes down you will see a little bump again, could that happen? Thank you and have a nice day!

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Bump on nose

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Hi, thanks for your question. My suggestion would be to wait and give things time to heal. At three weeks after surgery there is still a fair degree of swelling in your nose and the final result is not yet visible. There are a few things that can cause a bump on the nose that you can feel and not see, and some are things that will go away with time. If you have any further concerns I suggest you discuss them with your plastic surgeon as they are best able to explain what was done in the OR and what to expect. All the best.

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