Will microneedling help with these acne scars? (photos)

I'm 24 years old and i've had acne since i was 13. In past several years i had 2 TCA peels (not sure about concentrations) and one erbium laser treatment. I would like to know if microneedling could help to improve my scars or which other procedures can be suggested? Also i want to get rid of these red spots on my face, which procedure will be the most effective?

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Acne scars treatment

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Thank you for sharing your question and photo. Sorry to hear that your treatments have not worked well so far. I am surprised that the Erbium Laser did not help with the discoloration and acne scars. I often achieve good results with the combination of laser and microneedling /PRP. It might be beneficial to have PRP/microneedling performed over 3 treatments. Make an appointment for evaluation with an experienced surgeon comfortable with multiple treatment modalities. Good luck.

EMatrix for acne scars - Williamsville, NY

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Thank you for your question and for posting the pictures as they help with guidance.

eMatrix is excellent for ice pick acne scars. You may need 3-6 sessions to see the best outcomes.

It is nearly painless and has NO down time. 

It uses sublative technology and there is temporary redness (erythema) that resolves within hours.

Dr Karamanoukian

Microneedling and Acne scars

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Microneedling and lasers such as eMatrix will all improve your scars.  However, the redness is best treated with the V-Beam laser.  The V-Beam is the gold standard for treating redness and is the best laser or modality for treating redness. Best, Dr. Green

Microneedling and Acne Scars

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Thanks for your question!  I have had great results for acne scarring by using a combination of several treatments, including laser and microneedling with PRP.  I would recommend doing a combo of these things in a series with daily medical grade skincare products.  Best of luck to you!

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