When will a lump after Juvederm fillers disappear?

8 months have passed since hyaluronic fillers where done in nasolabial folds and around mouth corners. Due to the injection at one of the mouth corners appeared a discoloured (light) lump that dod not react to hylaronidase.

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Juvéderm can last quite awhile.  Several patients have had visible evidence of presence of the product up to one year after treatment although in most patients it is clinically "gone" in about 6 months.  If you have already had hyaluronidase injected to the area it would be reasonable to inject the hyaluronidase again... unlikely to cause harm and may speed up dissolution of the bump.  I would suggest you return to the injector and get their input and if that does not turn out to be satisfactory then seek out a board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate you.

J. Wethe, MD

Torrance Plastic Surgeon
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