Labia reduction and clitoral hood lift done and now open wounds (photos)

Day 1 everything went well after my labiareduction and clitoralhoodlift. Day 5 the swelling went to my labia majora and the stitches broke. Now i have these open wounds since day 5 and it is looking better then on day 5 but will this heal and what can I do about this? I am shocked. It doens' t really hurt by the way, it itches sometimes

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Healing problems after labioplasty

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It  appears that you have some devascularized [no blood supply] tissue along the edges of the labia minora.  But there appears to be no infection.  At this point I would recommend treating the area gently, applying topical antibiotic cream and letting the labia heal from the inside out.  As long as it does not get infected  it should heal quite well.  If any pain develops,, or any redness develops it is important that you start on antibiotics right away.  Otherwise no other intervention is needed

Post op concersn should always be reviewed with your surgeon

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and I hope you have informed your surgeon of your concerns.  But since you're desiring observations from the gallery, you do have wound separations that are on the smaller side.  These wounds cannot simply be sewn together again.  They need to heal on their own at this point.  Using some kind of ointment may help expedite the process.  Once you are healed, then you can discuss your results and scarring with your surgeon.  Until then, focus on wound care, heeding instructions from your surgeon, and healing as you will heal.  Results can only be critiqued once you are completely healed.

Healing delay after labiaplasty

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It appears that you had the labial trim technique.  Your surgeon may have used cauterization to control bleeding from the cut edges.  Since it is not too painful, I believe that the swelling does not represent any infection.  The dark areas will slowly separate like a scab and the edges will heal.  Given time, I believe that it should be OK.  Since this happened in the first week, you should discuss this with your surgeon when you go back for your post-op evaluation.  I usually see my patients between day 7-14 for their first follow-up. 

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