Juvederm 3 for nasolabials already half gone after 6 weeks?

I am a 36 yo female. 6 weeks ago I had my nasolabials filled w/ Juvederm 3. I was happy w/ the result and hoped it would last until spring. But I think the folds are already deeper again. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me & I am just so focused on this "problem zone" that the new result isn't good enough anymore and I am just used it now? Or am I one of those people where it dissipates fast? What are individual factors or is it unknown why it last longer with some people than others? Thanks

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Juvederm in nasolabial folds

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 Thank you for your question. You may want to consider a longer-lasting filler in this region such as Voluma or Sculptra. This will provide you the longer lasting results that you might be looking for. Photos before and after would also be helpful to assess your concerns. 

Juvederm and Na

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Juvederm generally lasts 9 months in a given area.  If the area is already "gone" I would return to your treating physician for examination.  Perhaps Voluma in the cheeks can lift that area and provide a longer lasting treatment for you. Best, Dr. Green

Factors to Consider

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Hi Liana,

There are some unknown (idiopathic) factors that vary from individual to individual.  There are some factors that vary from filler to filler (i.e. Juvederm vs. Restylane vs. Belotero, etc).  Juvederm is a good filler and appropriate selection for the Nasolabial creases .  

In those that have Juvederm in the Nasolabial creases, the things that I see that cause earlier than anticipated resorption of the filler are:

1) Undercorrection -- if you received the appropriate volume which in your case may have been 1 syringe, or perhaps you needed 2 or 3 syringes, then it tends to stay longer,  But if you under-corrected because of concerns that you didn't want to look too full or look too "done", or had budgetary concerns, then it may absorb quicker.  

2) The amount of movement in the area of the creases also impacts how long the filler lasts.Those that have minimal movement tend retain it for longer... The ones in whom there's a lot of movement, quicker resorption follows.

Question about #juvederm results

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Dear Lisanna, Thank you for sharing your question about your Juvederm results seeming to have disappeared after such a short time.  Without the benefit of before and after photos it's impossible to say over the internet.  I would recommend you speak with your injector about your concerns and see if they can do a before and after photo for you to help answer your question.
Brian S. Coan, MD, FACS

Juvederm longevity

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There are several factors that could explain how you feel.
Firstly, you could have needed more than 1 syringe initially and the solution to your concerns could require additional Juvederm injections. 
Secondly, many expert cosmetic dermatologists are treating the cheek complex with filler to truly address the issue of nasolabial folds and produce a more elegant result.
in general your Juvederm filler should last 6-9 months but certain factors can shorten that duration- for example very active athletic people often metabolize such filler at a faster rate. 

Andrei Metelitsa, MD, FRCPC
Calgary Dermatologic Surgeon

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