Healing after hard palate graft surgery. Any suggestions?

My surgeon (certified oculoplastic surgeon) suggested to do a hard palate graft surgery, because i suffer from earlier bleph. My lower eyelids are pulled down on the outer corners. How the shape of the eyelid will be reconstructed? With the shape of the hard palate graft? OR with tightening sutures on the outer corners of my eyes? Is the hp-graft only a support while the healing process? Or is it giving the lower eylid shape? How much overcorrection is necessary?

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Lower eyelid retraction surgery with hard palate graft ?

There many factors involved in complex eyelid reconstruction such as yours. The type of graft is less important and sometimes even no spacer graft is needed (as I recently published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal). Alloderm graft is less invasive than hard palate graft. See following link.

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Your surgeon needs to be an expert in these repairs: one does not just slap in a hard palate graft.

Hard palate grafts are just one component in the repair of these complexly compromised lower eyelids.  By itself, a hard palate graft will not fix most of these compromised eyelids.  That is because the hard palate graft really has only one function which is to help control the shape of the lower eyelid margin.  It does not correct the other numerous issues associated with a lower eyelid compromised after lower eyelid surgery.  Typically in these situations, there is a weakness in the orbital rim projection, a shortening of the lower eyelid coupling the weight of the cheek to the lower eyelid.  The free ebook cited below has much more information on this surgery.  My website also has before and after pictures demonstrating the results of this definitive approach.

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