Can HA be pressed out instead of being dissolved by hyaluronidase?

Hello, I got a pretty hard filler injected in my lips. I am not satisfied with the result and how it feels. Is it possible to make small incisions on the inside of the lips to press the material out? Hyaluronidase is no option for me because i read too many bad things about its side effects. Thanks for you help!

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HA removal

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Some HA fillers can be pressed out . If it is superficial enough and you see a Tyndall effect ( this is the blueish appearance of the filler seen under the skin )  usually a needle larger than the side of the original injection can be used to create an entry point . Once this is done , then simply squeezing at both ends can release some of the HA filler . Hylaurondiase generally works much better and leads to less potential bruising and full removal . I would not recommend any manipulation/repair  for about 10-14 days after it's initial injection because you may be experience some temporary swelling or small amount of blood under the skin 

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